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The American manufacturer specializes in BDSM accessories and bondage.
  • Soft chastity cage - Master Series15829oralove
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      Soft chastity cage - Master...


      Introducing the Soft Chastity Cage by Master Series, a must-have for those looking to add an extra layer of excitement to their intimate play. This chastity cage is designed to provide both comfort and security, allowing you to explore your submissive side with ease. Made with high-quality materials, this cage is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike. Take control of your pleasure and experience the thrill of chastity play like never before with the Soft Chastity Cage by Master Series.

    • XL dog tail anal plug 16105 by Oralove
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        Anal plug XL dog tail


        Introducing our Anal Plug XL with a playful dog tail design! This unique product is perfect for those looking to add some fun and excitement to their intimate moments. Made from high-quality materials, this anal plug is designed for comfort and pleasure. The XL size ensures a fulfilling experience, while the dog tail adds a touch of whimsy. Whether you're a beginner or experienced user, this anal plug is sure to satisfy your desires. Spice up your playtime with our Anal Plug XL dog tail today!

      • Bad Kitten16182oralove leather cat mask
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          Bad Kitten leather cat mask


          Indulge in your feline fantasies with our Bad Kitten leather cat mask. This sexy accessory is perfect for adding a touch of mystery and allure to your playtime. Made from high-quality leather, this mask is comfortable to wear and designed to fit snugly over your eyes and nose. Whether you're looking to spice up your role-playing adventures or simply want to explore your wild side, this cat mask is sure to ignite your imagination. Unleash your inner seductress with our Bad Kitten leather cat mask today!

        • Restrictive black chastity cage - Master Series18026oralove
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            Black restrictive chastity...


            Introducing the Master Series Black Restrictive Chastity Cage, the perfect accessory for those looking to explore their kinky side. This high-quality chastity cage is designed to limit stimulation and keep your partner under control. Made with durable materials, this sleek black cage not only looks stylish but also provides a secure fit. Whether you're into BDSM or simply want to spice things up in the bedroom, this chastity cage is sure to take your playtime to the next level. Embrace the power dynamics and add excitement to your intimate moments with this must-have accessory.

          • Sissy Mouth Gag - Master Series
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            Open mouth Sissy Mouth Gag...

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            Discover the pleasure of submission with the Sissy Mouth Gag from the Master Series range. This BDSM play accessory is designed to prevent your partner from speaking and to take full control of their mouth. Made of high-quality silicone, this mouth gag is both safe and comfortable to wear. The adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit for all users, providing a comfortable experience. Add a touch of domination to your erotic games with this Sissy Mouth Gag.

          • Silver collar with leash - Master Series
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              Silver collar with leash -...


              This silver collar with leash from the Master Series collection is the perfect companion for your BDSM play. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this collar adds an elegant touch to your outfit while allowing you to keep your partner under control. The matching leash features a comfortable handle for a firm grip during domination games. This BDSM collar is a versatile accessory suitable for beginners and experts alike. Add a touch of passion and adventure to your intimate life with this beautiful silver collar with leash from the Master Series collection.

            • Mini roulette Lil Devil Sensation
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              Mini roulette Lil Devil...

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              Discover our Mini Lil Devil Sensation roulette, an erotic toy that will take you to cloud nine. This product is perfect for BDSM and fetish pleasures. Made of high-quality materials, it is designed to offer you a unique and intense experience. The roulette is equipped with small, deliciously sharp spikes that will stimulate your skin with a gentle torture. You can use it alone or as a couple for domination and submission games. Indulge in this delightfully infernal sensation and turn up the heat!

            • Silicone necklace SLUT
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                Silicone SLUT collar


                Discover our SLUT Silicone Collar, an SM accessory that will immerse you in a world of limitless pleasure. This collar is specially designed for role-playing and bondage enthusiasts. Made of soft and durable silicone, it is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust thanks to its adjustable buckle. Its elegant and modern design also makes it a chic piece of jewelry to wear at BDSM parties. Add a touch of passion and domination to your intimate games with this SLUT silicone collar.

              • Nipple clamps with bell
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                  Nipple clamps with a bell


                  Discover the nipple clamps with bell from Busyx-Pro import Fetish-SM. These erotic accessories are perfect for adding a touch of fantasy to your naughty games. The nipple clamps are equipped with a delicate bell that provides additional auditory stimulation. Made with high-quality materials, these clamps ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you're a novice or experienced in the world of BDSM, these nipple clamps will offer you intense and exciting sensations. Add a new dimension to your pleasure with these nipple clamps with bell.