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Anal chain

  • Anal Balls Anal Chain - Malesation9554oralove
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      Anal Balls anal chain -...


      Discover the ultimate pleasure with Anal Balls anal chain from Malesation. This type of product is perfect for exploring new horizons of pleasure. Anal Balls are designed for intense, progressive stimulation, offering unique sensations with every movement. Made from high-quality materials, these anal balls are safe, comfortable and easy to clean. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable sensory experience with the Anal Balls anal chain from Malesation.

    • Anal rosary Back Love Size S
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        Anal bead necklace Back...


        Discover the Back Love Size S Anal Beads, the ultimate pleasure accessory to explore new sensations. These anal beads are specially designed to provide intense and pleasurable stimulation.

        Made with high-quality materials, these beads are safe and comfortable to use. Their Size S makes them ideal for beginners or those who prefer a gentler insertion.

        Whether you're alone or with a partner, the Back Love Size S Anal Beads are perfect for spicing up your intimate games. Enjoy each smooth and graduated bead for an unforgettable sensual experience.

        Treat yourself to these quality anal beads and explore new realms of pleasure. Order now and embark on an exciting adventure.

      • Anal bead necklace Back Love Size M
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          Anal rosary Back Love Size M


          The Back Love Medium Size Anal Beads are a premium quality product designed to provide you with the ultimate sensory experience. These anal beads are made with body-safe materials, allowing you to use them with confidence. Their medium size makes them an ideal choice for beginners as well as more experienced users. They are easy to insert and remove due to their ergonomic shape and smooth texture. Enjoy intense stimulation and complete satisfaction with these anal beads from the Back Love range. Explore new realms of pleasure and add some excitement to your intimate play.

        • Black anal bead flogger Fetish Tentation with handle - CC570402
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            Black anal bead flogger...


            Discover your sensual side with the Martinet with Black Anal Bead Handle Fetish Temptation. This anal bead is perfect for those looking to explore new intense sensations. Made with high-quality materials, this product promises unparalleled pleasure.

            The Martinet with Black Anal Bead Handle Fetish Temptation belongs to the category of anal chains, providing additional stimulation during your intimate games. Its ergonomic design makes insertion and removal safe and easy.

            Add a touch of eroticism to your adventures with this seductive martinet. Don't wait any longer to discover ultimate pleasure with the Martinet with Black Anal Bead Handle Fetish Temptation.

          • Anal Bubble Chain 10429oralove
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              Bubble anal chain


              Discover our Bubble Anal Chain, a sensual accessory designed for intense pleasure. This anal chain is perfect for exploring new sensations and spicing up your sex life. Made from high-quality materials, this chain is both soft and flexible for optimum comfort. Its stimulating bubble design will give you unique sensations. Add a little fantasy to your intimate play with our Bubble Anal Chain.

            • Anal chain Bubble Hook - Malesation9558oralove
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                Bubble Hook anal chain -...


                Discover the Bubble Hook anal chain from Malesation, a pleasure accessory not to be missed. This high-quality anal chain is designed for optimal stimulation during intimate moments. With its innovative design and different-sized balls, it will provide you with intense, unforgettable sensations. Made from soft, supple silicone, this chain is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Treat yourself to a unique sensory experience with the Bubble Hook anal chain from Malesation.

              • Flexible Purple Anal Beads - CC570032
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                  Flexible purple anal beads...


                  The soft purple anal beads are an elegant and stimulating accessory that will add variety to your intimate experience. Made of soft and flexible silicone, it is designed to offer you maximum comfort and pleasure. With its perfect size and ergonomic shape, it is easy to insert and manipulate. Use it alone or with a partner to explore new sensations. Whether you are a novice or experienced, this anal beads are an ideal choice for moments of intense pleasure. Discover the ultimate excitement with the soft purple anal beads.

                • Martinet anal beads - Fetish Temptation
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                    Martinet anal rosary -...


                    The Anal Bead Martinet from Fetish Tentation is a product designed for anal pleasure enthusiasts. This anal bead is specially crafted to provide intense and progressive stimulation. Its ergonomic shape and smooth beads make it a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced users. Made with high-quality materials, this toy is safe and easy to clean. Whether you are curious to explore new sensations or already a fan of anal pleasure, the Anal Bead Martinet from Fetish Tentation will not disappoint.

                  • Thai Toy Beads Anal Chain14087oralove
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                      Thai Toy Beads Anal Chain


                      Thai Toy Beads Anal Chain is the perfect product for your anal pleasure. Made from high-quality material, this anal chain is designed to provide a sensual and pleasurable experience. With its smooth, pleasant-to-the-touch beads, it provides intense stimulation with every movement. You can use it alone or with your partner to spice up your intimate play. The Thai Toy Beads anal chain is a safe choice for exploring new sensations and reaching new heights of pleasure. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this anal chain today and let yourself be carried away by the pleasure.

                    • Vibrant purple anal beads - AOP-057PUR
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                        Vibrant purple anal beads -...


                        The Vibrant Violet Anal Beads - AOP-057PUR is a high-quality product designed for intense and pleasurable anal stimulation. Made from soft and safe materials, these anal beads offer a comfortable and safe play experience. It features a flexible anal chain that allows for easy and gradual insertion. With its vibrant purple color, these anal beads add a touch of beauty to your intimate play. Choose these anal beads to explore new sensations and experience moments of intense pleasure.

                      • Vibrating pink anal beads - AOP-057PNK
                          En stock

                          Vibrating pink anal beads -...


                          Discover the ultimate pleasure with this magnificent vibrating pink anal bead. Made of high-quality silicone, this toy offers a sensational experience. With its progressive beads, you can explore new heights of pleasure at your own pace. The powerful vibrations add extra stimulation for incredible sensations. This anal bead is perfect for beginners and experts looking to explore new sensations. So, let yourself be carried away by pleasure with this vibrating pink anal bead - AOP-057PNK.