Secure Payment

Our Payment Methods Are Completely Secure

At this time, many people choose e-commerce to make purchases as well as to sell. Numerous online stores are apparent and new companies are emerging every day. This certainly increases and multiplies the number of scams and frauds on payment methods. If you are a store owner or a frequent online shopper, you have probably heard about it. In this regard, we offer you the most secure payment methods available.

Secure Your Payment on PayPal

For online sellers, PayPal allows for management, invoicing, and other activities related to an online store. This secure payment platform offers a range of protection for both sellers and buyers. It guarantees the receipt of the full payment except in cases where the buyer claims they have not yet received their purchase. To this end, PayPal uses encryption in all its operations. This includes TLS connection or a highly secure connection with HTTPS, and compliance with data security rules such as PCI-DSS, a standard for payment card data security.

To securely process your online payments on PayPal, here are some important points to consider:

· Each time you send or receive a payment, a confirmation email from PayPal will alert you in case of any issues.

· During a sale, avoid sending your item to unconfirmed addresses. Sending to a verified address reduces the risk of items purchased with a stolen credit card.

· Be cautious of transactions flagged with a red flag: you may have completed a sale with a fraudulent buyer.

· Keep all records of the sale and shipment.

To secure your account, PayPal has implemented payment verification by card. Thus, a payment may be declined if:

· the card limit is exceeded,

· the issuer notices unusual activity and blocks the transaction to protect you,

· the issuer encounters technical difficulties preventing a transaction.

A Reliable Security Protocol on Visa MasterCard

3D Secure is a security protocol created by Visa and MasterCard to secure online payments. Only those with a Visa and MasterCard can benefit from this security system.

If you are a seller, the credit card issuing banks will hold you responsible in case you receive fraudulent transactions. In this case, you are in the best position to report and detect such scams and suspicious transactions.

Using 3D Secure helps minimize defaults caused by fraudulent buyers. If the cardholder declines the transaction, the chargeback will be transferred to the card owner's bank account and not to the online merchant. This is why Visa and MasterCard with their 3D Secure system are crucial for online stores.

Since the emergence of online stores, many people prefer to shop online. It is indeed easier to find everything we want online. However, there are risks of falling victim to scams and fraud. In response to this, we have provided you with reliable payment methods to make and receive transactions securely.