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Masks, Handcuffs & Spankers

The naughty game can be an exciting adventure and using sensual accessories such as handcuffs, paddles, and masks can take your experience to the next level. We present to you these erotic accessories that can bring an unprecedented intensity to your intimate moments. Get ready to dive into a world of pleasure and desire.

Handcuffs are a symbol of power play and domination. They allow you to explore the dominant and submissive side of your relationship, whether you are a beginner or a bondage enthusiast. Handcuffs can be used to bind wrists or ankles to create a sense of immobilization and excitement. Choose handcuffs made of leather, satin, or with adjustable closures for added comfort and safety.

Also known as light whips, paddles provide sensual stimulation when used with gentleness and control. They allow you to explore the sensation of mild and pleasurable pain and can be used to gently caress your partner's body. Make sure to choose paddles made of soft materials like leather or silicone for a comfortable and safe experience.

Masks are the perfect way to add a dimension of mystery and sensuality to your naughty games. Whether they are eye masks or masks covering part of the face, they can create an atmosphere of role-playing or erotic fantasy. By obstructing the view, masks allow for increased stimulation of other senses and thus intensify the sensations of pleasure. For a pleasant visual and tactile experience, opt for masks made of satin, lace, or leather.

When using sensual accessories such as handcuffs, hoods, and masks, it is essential to always respect mutual consent and have clear safety words. Communicate openly with your partner, set boundaries, and signals to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for both of you. Do not hesitate to discuss your expectations and limits before exploring these naughty games.

Handcuffs, paddles, and masks are sensual accessories that will add an extra intensity and excitement to your naughty games. Whether you enjoy power play, the gentle sensation of a slapstick, or adding a mystery element with a mask.

  • Feather duster 18 cm purple17374oralove
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      18 cm purple duster


      Discover our 18 cm purple feather duster that is both a practical and fun tool for household chores. This duster is specially designed to remove dust and fine particles from all surfaces in your home. Its vibrant purple color makes it an attractive accessory that will add a touch of cheer to your daily chores. Made with quality materials, this duster is durable and effective. It is perfect for cleaning furniture, shelves, fans, and much more. Make your home shine with our 18 cm purple feather duster today!

    • Feather duster 18 cm red - Secret Play17372oralove
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        18 cm red duster - Secret Play


        The Secret Play 18 cm feather tickler is a perfect erotic accessory to spice up your couple's games. Its vibrant red color gives it a sensual and passionate touch. This feather tickler can be used to tease and tickle your partner, creating exciting sensations all over the body. Made with soft and light feathers, it provides a delicate and pleasant touch on the skin. Add suspense and excitement to your intimate moments with this seductive feather tickler.

      • 4 handcuffs and a cross Hogtie16277oralove
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          4 Hogtie handcuffs and...


          Discover Hogtie handcuffs and cross tie, a must-have bondage accessory to spice up your erotic play. These handcuffs are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing comfort and safety in use. You'll be able to tie your partner in a variety of positions thanks to the cross-tie, offering an intense and exciting bondage experience. Add a touch of sensuality and domination to your intimate moments with these handcuffs and cross ties. Perfect for BDSM beginners or experts, this product promises moments of intense pleasure.

        • Bunny faux leather adjustable mask - Fetish Temptation
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            Adjustable faux leather...


            Discover the adjustable faux leather Bunny Mask from Fetish Tentation! This mask is designed to add an element of mystery and sensuality to your playful activities. Made of high-quality faux leather, this mask is not only comfortable to wear but also enhances your facial features in a seductive way. With its adjustable strap, it fits all head sizes, ensuring a perfect fit. Add a touch of glamour to your intimate games with this adjustable faux leather bunny mask!

          • Ankle cuffs - Easytoys Fetish Collection18730oralove
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              Ankle cuffs - Easytoys...


              The Ankle Cuffs from the Easytoys Fetish collection are an essential accessory to spice up your erotic games. Made of durable and adjustable material, they offer optimal comfort while keeping your partner in an exciting position. The cuffs are easy to use thanks to their secure closure system and can be used on their own or in combination with other BDSM accessories. Explore new horizons and unleash your boldest fantasies with these Must-have ankle cuffs from the Easytoys Fetish collection.

            • Furry handcuffs Attach me11125oralove
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                Attach me fur handcuffs


                Discover our Attach me fur handcuffs to spice up your erotic play! These high-quality handcuffs are perfect for adding a touch of sensuality to your intimate moments. Made from soft, comfortable materials, they're ideal for beginners and connoisseurs alike. Whether you're a novice or an expert, these handcuffs will give you an unforgettable experience. Turn up the heat and explore new pleasures with our Attach me fur handcuffs!

              • Bad Kitten16182oralove leather cat mask
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                  Bad Kitten leather cat mask


                  The Bad Kitten leather cat mask is a bold, sexy accessory that adds a touch of mystery to your role-playing games. Made from high-quality leather, this mask fits comfortably around your face for a perfect fit. The cat design with its pointed ears and piercing gaze instantly transforms you into a sensual, seductive creature. Whether you use it in the privacy of your bedroom or for a costume party, this leather cat mask will let you explore your most feline fantasies. Get ready to roar with pleasure with the Bad Kitten leather cat mask.

                • Ball mask mask - CC709718001000
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                    Ball mask mask -...


                    The Ballo Maschera mask - CC709718001000 is a high-quality product designed to add a touch of mystery and elegance to your ball or evening outfit. This exquisite mask is made from durable and lightweight materials that allow you to wear it comfortably all night long. With its elegant design and refined details, this mask perfectly complements your look and attracts all eyes. Add a touch of glamour to your next event with the Ballo Maschera mask - CC709718001000.

                  • Bella Figura mask - CC709720001000
                      En stock

                      Bella Figura mask -...


                      Discover the bella figura mask - CC709720001000, an essential beauty product for radiant skin. This mask from the bella figura brand is specially designed to nourish and hydrate your skin deeply. With its high-quality natural ingredients, this mask leaves your skin soft, smooth, and glowing. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula is suitable for all skin types. Apply it regularly to see visible results and enjoy healthy, radiant skin. Add this bella figura mask to your skincare routine and give your skin a dose of well-being.

                    • Nipple clamps with black feather tickler - Sweet Caress13621oralove
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                        Black duster breast clamp -...

                        Black duster breast clamps - Sweet Caress: Sensual and versatile
                      • Black feather duster with satin bow - 100300BLK
                          En stock

                          Black duster with satin bow...


                          Discover our black feather duster with an elegant satin bow to add a touch of glamour to your intimate games. This product is ideal for spicing up your intimacy and adding a dose of sensuality to your intimate moments. Made with soft and silky feathers, this feather duster will delicately caress your skin, creating divine sensations. Its chic and refined design also makes it a perfect decorative accessory for your bedroom. Indulge in this black feather duster with satin bow and let your imagination run wild.

                        • Black furry handcuffs with safety - CC5140030010
                            En stock

                            Black fur handcuffs for...


                            The black furry handcuffs with safety are a perfect accessory to spice up your naughty games and add a touch of sensuality. Made of soft and durable material, these handcuffs will provide you with ultimate comfort while securely holding you. With their safety system, you can enjoy your bondage session with peace of mind. Ideal for beginners or experts, these handcuffs are a must-have in your collection of erotic accessories. Add some fun and excitement to your intimate moments with these high-quality handcuffs.

                          • Black mask - ZAD33509
                              Shipped within 24h/48h

                              Black mask - ZAD33509


                              Discover the ZAD33509 Black Mask, an essential product for mask enthusiasts. This black mask is carefully designed to provide optimal protection while adding a touch of mystery to your outfit. Made with high-quality materials, this mask is comfortable to wear and fits perfectly on your face. Whether it's for a costume party or to add a glamorous touch to your look, this black mask is a must-have accessory. Treat yourself and order the ZAD33509 Black Mask now!

                            • Black metal handcuffs - Toy Joy19257oralove
                                En stock

                                Black metal handcuffs - Toy...


                                Discover the Black Metal Handcuffs from Toy Joy, an erotic role-playing accessory that will add a touch of passion to your intimate moments. These black metal handcuffs are perfect for spicing up your domination and submission games. They feature a secure locking system to ensure a safe and exciting experience. With their elegant design and meticulous finish, these handcuffs are both aesthetic and functional. Add a dose of mystery and pleasure to your sex life with the Black Metal Handcuffs from Toy Joy.

                              • Black feather tickler - Sweet Caress16177oralove
                                  En stock

                                  Black petting duster -...


                                  Discover the Sweet Caress caressing feather duster, an elegant and sensual tool to spice up your seduction games. This black feather duster is designed to delicately caress every inch of your skin, sending shivers of pleasure down your spine. Its lightweight, easy-to-handle design makes it the perfect accessory for foreplay. Use it to tease your partner, awaken their senses and intensify the excitement. Raise the temperature in the bedroom with the Sweet Caress duster and let yourself be swept away by pleasure and passion.

                                • Blue marabou handcuffs - Secret Play17361oralove
                                    En stock

                                    Blue Marabou Handcuffs -...


                                    The blue marabou handcuffs from Secret Play are a perfect sensual accessory to spice up your intimate evenings. Made of soft and light feathers, they provide a pleasant sensation on the skin. These handcuffs are equipped with an adjustable closure that fits all wrist sizes. With their elegant design and attractive color, they add a touch of glamour to your naughty games. Whether you are a novice or a bondage enthusiast, these blue marabou handcuffs are ideal for exploring new erotic experiences. Indulge in your boldest fantasies with this quality product.

                                  • Candy handcuffs16694oralove
                                      En stock

                                      Candy handcuffs


                                      Discover our incredible collection of candy handcuffs, perfect for adding a sweet and naughty touch to your special evenings. These gourmet handcuffs are made with colorful and tasty candies, ensuring a playful and delicious experience. Whether it's for a get-together with friends or a romantic evening, these candy handcuffs are sure to be a hit with everyone. Choose from a variety of flavors and colors to find the one that suits you best. Don't forget to try them with your partner to spice up your intimate games even more.

                                    • Colored metal handcuffs
                                        En stock

                                        Colored metal handcuffs


                                        Colored metal handcuffs are an ideal erotic play accessory to spice up your intimate moments. These handcuffs are made of strong and durable metal, ensuring a safe and secure experience. With their colorful and attractive design, these handcuffs add a touch of glamour to your role-playing. They are also adjustable to fit all sizes, providing a comfortable fit. Whether you are a novice or experienced in the world of bondage games, these colored metal handcuffs are a perfect choice to explore your wildest fantasies. Add them to your accessory collection and get ready to experience intense moments of pleasure.

                                      • Copper high mask Don Giovanni - CC709730020800
                                          En stock

                                          Copper high mask Don...


                                          Discover the high-copper mask Don Giovanni - CC709730020800, an essential product for lovers of sensuality and role-playing. This classy and sophisticated mask adds a touch of mystery and seduction to your intimate moments. Made of genuine leather and adorned with copper details, this mask is both elegant and comfortable to wear. It easily adjusts to all sizes thanks to its adjustable strap. Explore your deepest fantasies with this high-copper mask Don Giovanni.

                                        • Copper mask Hamlet - CC709729020800
                                            En stock

                                            Copper mask Hamlet -...


                                            The copper Hamlet mask is a product that is both functional and elegant. This high-quality copper mask is perfect for protecting your face from harmful particles in the air while adding a stylish touch to your outfit. It is ideal for people suffering from allergies or respiratory sensitivities, as it effectively filters impurities from the air. Furthermore, its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you want to protect yourself from urban pollution or add a touch of mystery to your look, the copper Hamlet mask is the perfect choice.

                                          • Metal handcuffs Designer Cuffs - black 15833oralove
                                              En stock

                                              Designer Cuffs - black


                                              Designer Cuffs - black are a sensual and exciting role-playing accessory. Made from high-quality metal, they are both sturdy and elegant. With their black finish, they add a touch of mystery to your naughty games. The handcuffs are adjustable to fit your wrist perfectly and offer optimum comfort during use. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, these handcuffs are perfect for exploring your fantasies in complete safety. Add a touch of domination and submission to your erotic play with these Designer Cuffs - black.

                                            • Rigid Mask Don Juan16823oralove
                                                Rupture de stock

                                                Don Juan rigid mask


                                                Discover the rigid mask Don Juan, an iconic accessory that adds a touch of mystery and seduction to your role-playing games. This high-quality mask is designed to comfortably fit your face and enhance your most seductive features. With its elegant design and meticulous finish, this mask is perfect for spicing up your intimate evenings or creating a sensual atmosphere at costume parties. Bring out your seductive side with the rigid mask Don Juan.

                                              • Edible chocolate aphrodisiac powder kit with a feather duster - Secret Play
                                                  En stock

                                                  Edible chocolate...


                                                  The Edible Chocolate Aphrodisiac Powder Kit and Feather Duster from Secret Play is a must-have product to spice up your intimate moments. This kit includes a soft and delicate feather duster, perfect for teasing your partner's sensitive areas. The edible chocolate aphrodisiac powder adds a delicious and exciting touch to your lovemaking games. You can apply this powder on your partner's body and savor it passionately. Let yourself be carried away by sensuality and eroticism with this one-of-a-kind kit.

                                                • Edible candy handcuffs - CC501008
                                                    En stock

                                                    Edible handcuffs - CC501008


                                                    Edible candy handcuffs are a playful and delicious accessory to spice up your intimate games. These handcuffs, made from tasty candies, are perfect for adding a sweet and fun touch to your intimate moments. They are ideal for role-playing enthusiasts and those looking to experience new sensations. Edible candy handcuffs are an original and exciting way to surprise your partner and prolong the pleasure. Don't hesitate any longer and succumb to temptation with these irresistible candy handcuffs.